Hello Friend!

Nice to meet you on my page.

I am Mara Vergani – the creator of Light Up Journaling. I help people approach The Way to Happiness in a structured and simplified way. Our entire path is full of training and tasks: no passive thinking but active training. Every person is unique, so the methods for his or her behavior should be developed in a customized way.

○ We create new rituals and habits for your successful life.

○ We transform your vocabulary into a new language, where every word is for your benefit.

○ We learn morning rituals and new routines and anchor them in your daily life.

○ You learn with me how to transform and celebrate your experiences to your advantage.

What are the Benefits?

Trainings are meant to be:

  • Increase self‑esteem
  • Gain Internal peace
  • Eliminate uncertainties of your own personality and feelings
  • Skillfully train communication and negotiations
  • Bring inner and outer beauty into harmony

Sending Loving‑Kindness

Loving‑kindness meditation increases the feeling of connectedness with others and self‑ acceptance. Think firmly of a person and give him or her kindness and love. Make sure that you not only include your friends and family, but also people with whom you have no direct relationship. Record your wishes for your fellow human beings in your “Light Up!” Journal. While you are thinking about them, close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out. A short but extremely effective meditation.

Light Up! Journaling