You’re dating an Aquarius guy or simply just smashing on him?

Now, I am sure you have observed various designs in the conduct that you don’t specifically like or, at the least, realize therefore can not help but ask yourself is the Aquarius guy testing you?

Honestly, I’m not surprised you struggle with those feelings because it’s recognized that Aquarius guys like and commonly test their particular partners.

However, to be honest they don’t have terrible purposes, they only should make sure you are the proper individual for them before they bring your relationship to an even more major amount.

Let us get down seriously to the nitty-gritty to see whether your own Aquarian male is truly evaluating you, exactly how and just why he does it and, obviously, tips manage it and, finally, pass their test.

Is Actually Aquarius Man Testing You? 12 Greatest Indicators The Guy Does

If you are really becoming put within the test, you will notice the following signs and symptoms of an Aquarius man testing you.

1. Playing mind games

I am aware that
playing head games
is one thing women hate the most in an enchanting relationship. However, in case you are matchmaking a Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces or Aries man, you should count on those mind games because males born under these zodiac signs are classified as head people.

I’m sure you have doubted that your
Aquarius man is utilizing and using you
, at least one time.

And you’re most likely certain he was using you because it’s all part of the test he’s prepared for you personally.

2. Behaving hot and cold

This will be also another online game Aquarius males like to play in a relationship. You will find nothing at all brand-new about an Aquarius man crazy behaving hot and cool. It’s actually an old, famous story.

He’s going to treat you as an official girl eventually and then he can go without calling the entire overnight.

He is using your brain by doing this because he desires see your response. Now, it is up to you whether you are going to let it derail you or perhaps you’ll make an effort to stay diligent and relax.

3. Playing hard to get

Nearly all women hate whenever one plays hard to get nevertheless, many guys actually enjoy it. Especially when they realize that it is operating another part insane.

If the man performs hard to get, it may possibly be considering two factors.

Perhaps the guy really wants to test how strong you really value him, this is certainly in case you are likely to give up on him or keep wanting to
win him over
. Having said that, he may do it and then push you to be get crazy about him and chase him.

4. providing you with a tough time without having any explanation

In the event the Aquarius man really does their own thing and excludes you of their existence suddenly and without having any cause, intentionally begins fighting over nothing, gives you
the quiet treatment
and tortures you in similar techniques, you must know it’s additionally one of his true methods for evaluating you.

He would like to see how you respond as he throws you under great pressure.

Additionally, the guy wants to see whether you’ll take
heading no contact
or whether might create him talk with you and explain himself.

5. He’ll reveal controlling inclinations

And Aries and
Sagittarius men
, Aquarius dudes are referred to as probably one of the most freedom-lovers associated with zodiac. They simply appreciate their self-reliance also because it is so important on their behalf, they feel it’s important to their own lovers, too.

That’s why an Aquarius man will not just be sure to control his better half.

If he begins exploiting
managing tendencies
, it is a sign of an Aquarius man testing you.

You should never tolerate anyone wanting to get a handle on you. Should you decide keep this type of attitude preventing him immediately, he’s going to look at it as you’ve passed their test.

6. Occasionally, you’re feeling as if you’re under investigation

It really is like the guy wants to know every thing about you. And it is correct, the guy desires to familiarize yourself with you on a deeper level, but this merely demonstrates you’re being tried by the Aquarian man.

He desires to see whether you’re okay with some one going very deeply into the personal existence.

He’ll want to see the human body vocabulary along with your a reaction to some concerns regarding your love life as well as your past interactions.

7. Confiding their greatest secrets far too shortly

The truth is, an Aquarius man isn’t those types of males whom start to their family members too early or too effortlessly. They really should trust some one being start discussing their unique personal existence.

In case your Aquarius man discloses a lot of about himself too soon or if perhaps he shows one of is own most significant secrets to you on very start of one’s union, you have to know that it is a test.

It’s a way their confidence dilemmas want to decide whether he can totally trust you or not.

8. Revealing his susceptible part

Aquarius man likes to pretend that he’s a difficult guy, exactly like Taurus, Capricorn or Leo guys. They simply need to make other people consider they don’t really have vulnerabilities.

Plus it takes all of them several years to open up to their unique associates about their weaknesses.

In the event the guy has actually uncovered some of their vulnerable sides at the very start of relationship, consider it an examination because he is really testing you whether you will honor those weaknesses or you’ll use them to hurt or get revenge to them one day.

9. Making you envious

Another way an Aquarius man will check you is by causing you to jealous. He might make use of one of his
feminine pals
for that or he might just flirt along with other ladies before you.

It’s because the guy desires to always check whether you’re the overly
possessive brand of girl
because it’s the worst sort for him.

He constantly tries to steer clear of jealous ladies and in case you do not succeed this element of his test, do not expect him to carry on along with your relationship.

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10. creating their best friends a top priority

Although it’s a well-known undeniable fact that Aquarian
men are not quite loyal fans
, they never make partners feel just like they are not their unique priority.

In case your Aquarius guy makes their friend or his female best friend a top priority over you, its just an indicator he wants to test you.

Should you decide reveal too much envy to make a massive deal out of it, you’ll be able to absolutely ignore him. He won’t allow his partner become excessively envious and reliant.

11. overlooking the tiny circumstances

An individual really really likes you, they generate psychological records about all the things you look after. Aquarius man will remember all small things you prefer and look after, but he’s going to begin overlooking them and behave as if the guy does not keep in mind them.

He will just want to test whether which will get you to angry or sad, or whether it don’t tangle you after all as you do not worry about him.

Don’t be concerned, once the guy ensures how you feel are genuine and strong, he’ll end up being paying attention to the small stuff you take care of such once again.

12. providing a breakup after each battle

Guys produced under this
atmosphere signal
are classified as those types of guys who don’t give up on some thing they love that easily. If they truthfully love something/someone, they won’t stop until they have it and additionally they won’t exposure dropping it no matter what.

However, do not surprised when your Aquarian man begins discussing break ups any time you get in a tiny battle. He’ll just be provoking you this way to cause you to act in the temperature of a second.

Any time you fall for their video game and accept ending your own commitment, it will be a sign for him of how small you actually love him.

And do not count on him to reach out to you from then on because he’ll probably be frustrated and considering leaving you in past times once and for all.

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8 Ideas To Cope With An Aquarius Guy Testing You

Any time you really like your Aquarian man and want to hold him that you experienced, here are the most proven and efficient strategies to handle him evaluating you at the outset of your own commitment.

1. It doesn’t matter what, be and remain yourself

This is the thing your own Aquarius guy will value probably the most.

Getting your self!

Being distinctive being yourself are among the rare personality faculties that always bump an Aquarian man off their feet.

The fact the guy dislikes the most is a woman/person whom pretends or functions getting somebody else simply to get someone else to like them.

2. Be separate and get belief in yourself

An impartial lady
which appreciates the woman independence and really wants to attain the woman life goals above anything else will be the Aquarius mans soulmate.

That’s why you need to show off your Aquarius man exactly how awesome confident you may be.

Talk to him concerning your objectives and tell him you currently have planned all of the approaches to attain those objectives.

3. he will appreciate sincerity above every thing

Once you feel bothered by something or you feel you aren’t ok with something he does or did for your requirements, you should be sincere and acknowledge it to him.

He’s going to constantly value you getting truthful and drive.

If he realizes you have been sleeping to him or concealing several things from him, he’s going to get angry and then he may determine to never consult with you again. And, believe me, I’m not exaggerating.

4. Try to realize his reasons behind evaluation you

The simple truth is, while I do not help someone evaluating their particular lover, you have to know that the Aquarian man does not test you just receive some lighter moments.

The guy will it because he really wants to check whether you are ideal lady for him. Put differently, he’sn’t using you, he is attempting to check your genuine being compatible.

The popular connection astrologer, Anna Kovach, has actually completely explained the Aquarius man’s known reasons for testing their potential romantic partner:

“the explanation for this will be that an Aquarius man is really cautious with entering a commitment with some body. It needs to be 100% suitable for him to use the next move with a prospective spouse.”

5. If the guy takes on brain games, you will want to play along

Unlike Aries or Virgo dudes, Aquarius men don’t like to tackle brain games. And them evaluating their unique lovers isn’t playing those stupid matchmaking video games, it is merely them checking whether they should be collectively or otherwise not.

But if you see your Aqua man playing games to you, you should accept it and perform alongside yourself. Let the games begin and let the more powerful person win (and I also know itwill end up being you ?).

6. Try to be and stay relaxed

I am aware it isn’t a pretty experience when you realize someone you seriously worry about is actually testing you. But if you wish to keep the Aquarius man into your life, you’ll want to withstand it and remain diligent.

In such a case, perseverance is indeed your best buddy.

If you don’t sweet your mind and
maintain your determination
, you are going to only take action you will most certainly regret later.

7. enable him to generally meet the true you

The main reason your own Aquarius man is evaluating you is clearly he desires familiarize yourself with the real you. He would like to find out how you behave under some pressure plus some unanticipated circumstances.

Just because you have determined their intentions to try you, it does not imply you really need to pretend as someone else to pass their examination.

In fact, you mustn’t also make an effort to pass it. It’s going to merely turn you into seem like a desperate lady who’sn’t satisfied with who she in fact is.

The fact is, no guy wants a phony girl, one that pretends she is another person simply because she believes it is going to help this lady bring in the person she likes and wants.

8. The amount of time will show just what destiny has waiting for you for you two

In the end, trust the effectiveness of time. Time will state whether you two should be with each other or perhaps not.

If fortune currently made you two soulmates, you will move their test and you have nothing to be concerned about.

On the bright side, if you do not go it, it just means that destiny never ever had you two in plans.

It absolutely was predestined so that you could meet him it was never ever predestined for your family two to keep collectively permanently.

8 Methods An Aquarius Man Tests You

We have seen the signs of an Aquarius guy evaluating you, however itis also crucial that you acknowledge the ways the guy does it. Let us display all the Aquarius guy techniques whereby he tests their feminine lover.

1. He’ll examine your borders

You need to and require to create borders in the early phases of your union. The guy simply needs as introduced to things you are ok with and people you can easily never validate.

However, be prepared to handle him evaluating your own borders. Deep down, he’ll have respect for them because interactions and personal boundaries are vital for an Aquarius man, but he’ll need to make it look like he’s about to get across all of them every minute and he’ll get it done and then visit your effect.

If you become when it doesn’t matter for your requirements, of course you allow him to cross them when the guy wishes, you will get rid of his respect.

And when you drop his respect, you’ll shed him, as well.

2. Your spontaneity will in addition be examined

You could find this shameful but love of life is actually a key high quality an Aquarius man actively seeks within his potential romantic partner. He’s got an original love of life and he wishes his lover to be able to abide by it.

If you do not move this test, you won’t have a good opportunity to make an impression on their center.

He might try to continue the union but ultimately, it’ll begin bothering him concise the guy won’t be able to cope with it anymore.

3. He’ll need to see whether you have an open head

You are going to realize that your own Aquarius man is especially interested in learning your passions. It’s because the guy would like to see whether you are an open-minded lady, person who comes after her attraction and permits it to just take this lady wherever it’s required.

In the event that you have a problem with making the safe place, it’ll be a massive turn-off for your Aquarius guy.

For such an adventurous and liberal guy that has huge existence targets, sustaining an union with a narrow-minded woman is going to be an objective difficult.

4. he’s going to check you using his personal weaknesses

Undergoing learning one another, it is normal you are probably display your weaknesses one to the other. He’s going to reveal it for your requirements having one goal in his mind; testing whether you employ those weaknesses or honor them.

Definitely, any time you worry about him, you are going to admire their vulnerabilities and don’t enable you to use them and harm him.

You will promote and motivate him to simply accept his very own flaws and weaknesses and never as embarrassed of these.

5. he’s going to test out your compatibility

If an Aquarius man wants you, he will need always check whether you two are appropriate before the guy partcipates in a critical union to you. That’s why he will strive to get to know you on a deeper level.

About compatibility, if you are a Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius woman, you really have a great chance to pass the compatibility test because girls created under these zodiac indicators experience the highest
horoscope being compatible
positions with an Aquarian male.

6. he’s going to would also like to try the degree of the neediness

The fact is, as well as men understand it, we ladies are somewhat needy, particularly in romantic interactions. But some of us exceed that standard of neediness and it puts a stop to them from maintaining a healthier union.

The very last thing the adventurous and independent Aquarius guy desires is actually a
clingy and needy sweetheart

Unless you admire their dependence on alone time and private room, and then he sees your own neediness is actually crossing every range, he’s going to give you without ever before turning straight back.

7. Testing your own confidence

An Aquarius guy wishes someone with an impartial heart. His individual space and independency tend to be far too necessary for him so in retrospect the guy looking for a woman with the exact same preferences.

Should you allow him to move your own self-esteem conveniently, you might become determined by him and he won’t like that, that is certainly.

Creating those harmful parts will be the thing he always prevents in passionate connections, as should each of us.

8. most crucial test; testing the loyalty

Don’t be astonished if your
Aquarius guy’s best friend
starts flirting with you. The Aquarian guy may persuade him into carrying it out simply to test out your loyalty.

After all, for an Aquarius guy, sincerity and loyalty are the key characteristics a woman may have.

If you go that test, should you warn their buddy about crossing the line, he’ll appreciate and cherish you more than ever before.

You will see exactly how their conduct changes from that time on. He will stop testing you because this final part of his examination will persuade him which he can trust you and, most of all, that he can invest in you.

How Will You Gamble An Aquarius Man In The Very Own Game?

If you would like show your Aquarian guy who’s
the actual member
and beat him within his own brain video game, you’ll need to keep your length first.

Don’t allow him in the future {near you|in your area|t